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Landsat Image Mosaic Of Antarctica (LIMA)

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Downloading a customized area   

1.  Launch the viewer (includes additional help).
You will see four icons in the upper left: Help icon
2.  Use Layer Manager Data icon to toggle on or off the layers being displayed.

NOTE: this will not affect the image products you can download

- Two LIMA products are available to display.
- Eight LIMA products, and only these eight products, are available for download.
- All downloads are at full (15 meter) resolution.
- All downloads greater than 100 mb are divided into equally-sized pieces of 100 mb or less.
- Total download size limit is 1.4 Gb (approximately 140,000 km2 of one LIMA product).
- It is recommended to leave the scale bar on (lower left), for estimating download size.
3.  Use Controls Controls icon or the zoom arrows on the left of the screen to display as desired.
4.  Open Tools Tools icon and select Download Tool.

Click for a list of LIMA products available to download and make your selection(s).

Refer to the scale in the lower left to estimate download size less than the approximate limit.

Turn off the scale bar in the lower left ( > Reference) before proceeding to step 5.

5.  Under Tools choose Download Tool.
Draw your bounding box using then to click and drag.
6.  A new page lists the pieces ready for download.
Under "Modify Data Request" you may change the layers you are downloading and their format.
Under "Delivery Options" you may change the maximum file size up to 250 mb.
You may not change the total download limit of 1.4 Gb.